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Welcome! I am a Bushcraft enthusiast based in Warwickshire, England. This website is a representation of some of the Bushcraft projects I have undertaken. Below are some of my latest projects but please see the articles page where you can view over 20 Bushcraft tutorials. I have written these tutorials mainly as inspirational guides; if they spark an interest for Bushcraft and nature in just a hand full of people then my effort writing them has been worth while. Have fun and take care! May natures spirit and wisdom be with you... Jonathan Ridgeon.
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Ben Orford is based at Nethergreen Farm, in the beautiful Herefordshire countryside, where he makes hand made carving tools, bushcraft knives and leather goods and he also runs training courses in tool and knife making and green woodworking.
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welcome to my website Stoneage Bushcraft.

My name is Mike Dixon and I teach wilderness living skills, Bushcraft and survival.

My background is like some other "bushcraft instructors", I served with the British forces in the Infantry as a combat soldier. I have also spent time on survival and Bushcraft courses learning survival skills.

My love for the woodlands came about in my youth. I spent most days in the woods, learning from the land, building shelters finding water and catching wild rabbits and pigeon searching out those all important wild foods.

I am a climber, mountaineer, Bushcrafter, hiker and a conservationist spending most of my time in the real "outdoors"

With this vast knowledge I strive to teach people these most basic and advanced skills that our ancestors depended on to live and survive day to day life.


Mike Dixon


Mike Dixon



I have spent a lot of time researching our stoneage past, I have an obsession with the primitive world.

My obsessions extend from the basic flint knapping of tools to the intricate shelter and basketry making, I

believe that in learning these basic skills of our ancestors the basics of 'life' means we can keep them alive for generations to come.

The home of bushcraft and outdoor living. The make up of this site is to help like minded people get outdoors with the right knowledge. This site will hold the knowledge needed to be comfortable outdoors.







Membership to the Stoneage Bushcraft website is free and you are Welcome to join. Whetheryou are new to Bushcraft and want to know more about kit and using it, a Novice who wishes to advance his/her knowledge and kit items and put it all to practice, an instructor looking to buy new kit or see reviews first before choosing to buy, or just someone with an interest in and who enjoys the great outdoors and wants to know more about living and surviving out there.

When you become a member you will also find a host of other goodies available to you. Web Forums, Photo Gallery, Newsletters.

Online Shop
I only sell tried and tested items of kit that are of top quality and if possible the best there is. When your life is depending on it you don't want any item of your kit failing you. With my website you can Watch video reviews to see the items I sell being tested and put to use in the field so you can see what's best for you and then just click and Buy.

A shopping Cart is also available so you can purchase more then just one item at a time.

Visit my store @ Hunters Camping and bushcraft ltd

We now have stores on Ebay and Amazon!!

We now work out of the south coast of England.


Stoneage Bushcraft Courses

My courses are between 1-3 days long. A range of Wilderness self reliance, bushcraft, survival, outdoor subjects and skills will be taught in-depth.
I will take nature and show you that it can be the greatest place to be, all you need is that little bit of knowledge and courage.
I tailor course's to suit your needs and criteria which will cover safety, equipment, Fire, Shelter, Water and food, survival scenarios, which can also be tailored to suit.

Click Here To find more information about my courses


Well what we now call "Bushcraft" is also known as Outdoor Living, Rough Camping, Wilderness Skills, Wilderness Survival and Camp Craft.

My main subject out of the era of "Bushcraft" is the art of "Wilderness Self-Reliance".

This subject, to me is learning the skills necessary to live or stay out comfortably in the wilderness. These skills will keep you alive in a survival situation or make camping life that little more comfortable.

These skills will be;


You can also learn more about any of these subjects plus watch reviews on kit and other aids in my videos section which is hosted on YouTube. Just click the link "My Videos" on the left in the "Resources" Menu on any of my web pages. Or Click Here

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we will also be holding courses from 2 days to 5 days long, costs will vary and places will be limited to a group of 10. Information can be found via the link. Contact me for further information.


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